You will create a business plan for a solution that will forever change the way people stay connected. In this role, you will get the opportunity to analyze core business aspects: market, competitors, customers; and help design: a go to market plan and the product requirements.

You must
•    Have ability to turn complex problems into simple solutions through words and visuals
•    Form opinions yet remain objective
•    Like trying new products because you like products
•    Have ability to put yourself ‘in the shoes of the customer’
•    Have a positive attitude
•    Be committed and organized
•    Comfortable with verbal and written English

•    In office in Frankfurt or Mannheim or 
•    Remote with in person working sessions

A free real world education
Bonus: Opportunity to stay onboard to manage the product development

About Bolt Capital
Founded in 2013 and with offices in San Francisco, California, and Frankfurt, Germany, Bolt Capital is a business accelerator venture capital firm that helps companies take product ideas from the whiteboard to revenues.

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