2 days in San Francisco

Some quick observations after being in San Francisco for two days:

  • People lives their lives through apps. If the product and service isn't purchased or delivered via an app, people don't use it.
  • Work is life. People only stop working for short periods of times and everyone is always connected.
  • Socializing and being friends with co-workers is expected. Also it's your most valuable network.
  • It's impossible to escape technology. Its everywhere.
  • The first question anyone will ask you is "What do you do"
  • Things move really fast. I mean real fast.  Time is measured in hours and days, never weeks and months. The world has changed by then.
  • Everyone is an investor in something. It's your badge of honor and status.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) drives investments
  • Often heard: investor, VC, funded, closed, unicorn, equity, valuation, growth
  • Never heard: consultant, mentor, government, failure, sweat equity, profitability
  • Haven't seen a suit expect people in pink jackets
  • Messenger bag or backpack
  • Minimum $10 lunches
  • Finally the weather is fantastic!