Today's topic is always the best one to discuss. I'm excited to announce that a startup in the Bolt Capital family has been acquired.

Portadi has been acquired by OneLogin, the leader in Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM). The companies share similar views which we at Bolt Capital support: SaaS owns the enterprise. API are the glue for connecting SaaS apps. Employees have more control over administering and using the right tools for the job, but governed and secured by the IT department. 

The marriage of these Silicon Valley companies will bring Portadi to a larger audience faster, and move into the enterprise were OneLogin has a significant footprint. More via TechCrunch article.

Dusan and Tomas, the founders of Portadi, are rock star entrepreneurs. They have unlimited energy and a will to succeed. Combined with hard work, it allowed them to build Portadi into an amazing company. I started using v1 of the product in 2014 and honestly have used it everyday since. It is 100% embedded into my daily work. 

Here is Dusan's CEO annoucement: