Getting Trendy

Mary Meeker's @kpcb's 2015 Internet Trends Report is out. Always a must read. A few interesting point for me:

  • The impact of the Internet on businesses, healthcare, government and education has barely scratched the surface. The Internet has dramatically evolved consumer's habits which sometimes makes us forget how many other industries have yet to reap the benefits.
  • Internet hasn't truly reached the phone yet. Only 30% with subscription services. But where it has reach has created an anytime, anywhere user desire that is blowing up the existing infrastructure of business services. Buy buttons!
  • Users generating content are 'customizing' their Internet experience. Highly personalized experiences. In addition user generated content and reviews are fueling the sharing economy.
  • Drone use cases and growth is stunning. The government got out of the way.
  • Millennials expect flexibility, are tech savvy and are on-demand. The technology gap between Millennials and the rest is large, but the gap that will exist between Millennials and Generation Z will be enormous.
  • China is mass, India is new. Xiaomi has created an amazing and dominant IoT ecosystem in China is a very short time period. Is it the next Apple?  The majority of Internet traffic and e-commerce in India is via mobile, the highest of all developed countries. 

What part of the report is compelling to you?