VC Meeting Frankfurt

Yesterday I attended the VC Meeting Frankfurt, a regular lunch event hosted by Aurelia Private Equity. I didn't have any expectations because it was my first time attending one these events. It turned out to be one of the larger and more valuable lunch events I've been to in Frankfurt. A very efficient program and solid networking opportunities. Of course my limited (none) understanding of German hampered my participation in asking questions of the presentations. 

The event gives me further hope there is a growing community of resources to help startups in the Frankfurt area, although many could have attended just for the free lunch. Most importantly I wanted to share with you the informative presentation E&Y gave on The Journey from Zero to IPO.  IPO as an exit route is at an all time high for European PE companies. That being said, public companies in Germany have suffered with after market performance relative to other exchanges, especially for technology companies. In addition transparency concerns along with performance force German companies to stay private or look elsewhere. Valuations are lofty and entrepreneurs should continue to use this to their advantage while they last.

Full deck here