Bolt Capital portfolio companies are hiring for a wide range of positions and expertise. If you find something of interest, please submit your resume directly to the portfolio company from the posting. In addition Bolt Capital offers internships that allow young, talented people to gain practical experience and professional knowledge during their studies.

Mariposa: Business Analyst

Nutmeg: Mobile App Developer

CloudRail: Job Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and Co-Founders are passionate about their ideas and are ready to conquer the world. Bolt Capital helps bring your idea to reality by leveraging our talented people, hands-on expertise, and capital. We allow you to focus 100% of efforts on building world-class products. 

Join the Bolt Capital team of experienced operators that help build our startups from whiteboard ideas to revenues. As part of the team, you will fill the critical voids in day to day management of functiond such as product management, sales and marketing, product development, and operations.